18 December 2019

Pokemon GO - Buddy Adventure Coming 2020

Hey guys, are you guys still playing Pokemon GO?
It's already 3 years since the first time this game released on this earth and still become the most favorite AR game so far. Remember the old times where there's only 1 Generation of pokemon out there?
NOW, there are many new things in Pokemon GO that make us stick with this game.

So what now?

There's an update coming in 2020. BUDDY ADVENTURE.
As you can see, the Buddy system right now is just like attaching your favorite pokemon with your trainer and then walk to obtain its candy.

Here's what Niantic said about this update.
Buddy Adventure - Coming 2020
Feed your Buddy Berries to increase its Buddy Level, unlocking perks at each Rank. You can become Good Buddy's by just feeding your Buddy a Berry
  • Good and you'll see it on the Map following you!
  • Great and your Buddy might help you catch Pokemon, or bring you Items.
  • Ultra your Buddy will let you know about "interesting places" nearby, as well as giving you "Souvenirs".
  • Best your Buddy gets a special ribbon, showing off your Friendship as well as a CP boost in Combat.

 How to become better friends
  • Walking 
  • Battling 
  • Playing with (new interactions)
  • Feeding it Berries
  • Taking Snapshots
Affection level
As you become better friends with your Buddy, its Mood will improve. When you hit the highest mood (excited) you can unlock more Perks!

  • Half walking distance to earn Candy.
  • x2 Hearts per interaction.
  • Ability to earn bonus Hearts.  
Hearts are part of the level up process
So this update is extraordinary. It looks like a Tamagotchi system but you can see that the pokemon assigned as Buddy will be outside following the trainer. I hope this won't affect the gameplay because, on some old devices, this might become a problem as the resources will increase.

Are you ready to face this update?
What do you think about this update?
You can check the details from Niantic official announcement here.

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